Site map

Please bear with us while everything is under development - we hope to be fully up and running in the next few days.

This page is to help you find your way round the site

The front page is shown in the menu as Home and contains all blog entries

Within this, blog posts are tagged in five groups

Moots - announcements relating to our moots and other events

Other events - Pagan and Heathen events, festivals, and camps

Symposium - information shared from the Pagan and Heathen Symposium

(Post from April 2015 about the background to the Symposium)

News - from around the Pagan and Heathen worlds

Reflections - posts on Pagan and Heathen topics

We also have a number of static pages

About Us - who we are and what we do

Other local moots - our friends near to Brighton

About Paganism and Heathenry - a quick introduction

Pagan Federation South East - information for a wider area than Brighton

Reading list - our suggestions about where to start reading

Blogroll - those we read and recommend

Other groups and organisations