Moot report: 15 July 2015

We had an outdoor moot this month, singing Pagan songs, watching the sea, and generally having a good time, in the Race Hill Community Orchard at the top of Whitehawk.

I'm putting a link here to the Brighton Permaculture Trust for those who are interested (many Pagans are).

Many thanks to Kirsty for suggesting this location, to those who played music, particularly our harpist, and to everyone who came along and made it a very enjoyable evening. Fortunately the weather was good, although there was some mist lower down.

I've left the map here in case anyone who could not make it would like to visit anyway. The bus stop shown is the furthest point reached by the 1/1A bus, but it's also possible to come from the other side from the 2 or 22 bus, alighting at the top of Bear Road or the top of Wilson Avenue (both are just off the top of the map shown).