These are our plans for moots in 2015 - please be aware they may change

Updates and more information will be posted on this site each month and on Facebook and Meetup - please check before setting off particularly if travelling some distance

21 January - Tibor : Magic and religion of the ancient pagan Hungarians

18 February - Linda: Herbal lore

18 March - Lee: Pagan fun Bingo with useful prizes!!

15 April - Lee: Roman Rituals

20 May - Pagan book chat and book swap

17 June - Marielle: Tarot and visualisation

15 July - Pagan sing along from films and folklore ballads, most likely around a campfire!

19 August - Sit and talk in the pub for those not on holiday

16 September - Witchcraft Panel, ask what you want!

21 October - Spindle making magic and storytelling

18 November - Myths and Legends of the Ancient worlds.

16 December - Midwinter ceremony and exchange of small gifts.

See you there!