A visit to Chanctonbury Ring

"The traditional meeting-place of Sussex witches is Chanctonbury Ring. This is a high crest of the Downs crowned with a clump of beech trees which form a well known landmark."

From p55 of Where Witchcraft Lives, by Doreen Valiente, published by the Centre for Pagan Studies and available from the Doreen Valiente Foundation.

Steyning can be reached from Brighton on the number 2 bus, and a walk North from the village along either a footpath or a single track road leads to the entrance to Charlton Court.

Written by Canon John Stanley Purvis under the name of Philip Johnson while serving in the First World War.
(article on the Steyning Museum website)

Assuming this is the lane it is still there, though a little overgrown at the start these days.

It soon widens and climbs upwards.

The high and open land above is the home of deer as well as sheep.

Wide vistas appear towards Cissbury Ring.

A quick detour along a lane for a better view...

and Chanctonbury Ring appears in the distance...

and can be approached along the South Downs Way.

It is traditional to walk round the Ring

before entering the woods inside

and the deep places of the forest.