Solstice community event: Tuesday 20 December

17:00 - 21:30 at Racehill Community Orchard near the top of Whitehawk.

We have been invited to a solstice celebration at Race Hill Community Orchard. There will be members of the Permaculture Trust, the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, and other guests there so it won't be just a Pagan gathering.

Directions to the Race Hill Community Orchard

Meet in the Orchard at the cabin by the big seats. Those attending must have sturdy footwear, come equipped for cold temperatures and bring torches, due to the fact that it will be pitch black.
Bring drinks, thinking of mulled wine and mead but anything really, and some food for yourselves. Also any instruments and other things you might need to celebrate.

If the weather is dire, then we'll take refuge in the Fox on the Downs pub at the top of Elm Grove.

Update on Monday evening: weather looking cold but rain unlikely, so going ahead.

Met Office weather forecast for Brighton

Directions to the Racehill Orchard from Wilson Avenue: the 2/2A and the 22 buses stop at the top of Wilson Avenue - it's the stop after Bear Road if you are heading out of Brighton. The track that leads down to the Orchard is immediately on your right, if you are looking down hill towards the sea, just after where the race course track intercepts the very top of Wilson Avenue. Go down this near to the bottom. There will be allotments on your right. Just before the allotment gates the entrance to the Orchard will be on your left. Go down this a little way until you see a metal cabin and a clearing with two big wooden seats. This is the main hub of the Orchard.

Directions to the Racehill Orchard from Swanborough Drive: The number 1/1A buses stop in Swanborough Drive right at the top of Whitehawk. This is the last stop before the buses head back into Brighton. If you are coming from the train station by bus you can get a number 7 from stop B outside the station forecourt and change to a 1/1A later. Make sure you get the one going to the Marina or you'll end up in Hove! Allow 45 minutes from the train station.

Change to a number 1/1A anywhere between North street and Lidl which is past the Sussex County Hospital. The best place to change is the bottom of St James St. Both buses are very regular.

When you get off the bus at Swanborough Drive walk back a few yards and the Orchard is just past a block of flats on your left and a climbing frame on your right. Literally a few minutes walk up the lane. The entrance is slightly past the gate to the allotment and on your right.

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